"Hike" messenger seems fantastic as you can send free SMS with Hike from your mobile! Where can I download Hike app?

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Best Answer by roy 1y ago | 0 vote
You can download from here : http://get.hike.in/ it is awesome! Available on Android, Windows, and now iOS.
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Thanks! It seems like Hike will be available on BB and Nokia in the future in addition to Android, iOS & WP7. Looking forward :)
by Nitesh_Kumar_ 3m ago | 0 vote
Goto www.get.hike.in/airtel and it at free in airtel sim
by dimsum 3m ago | 4 votes
You can download Hike here: http://get.hike.in/ But, mind you, Hike is currently available only on Android & WP7.
by gauravsood 3m ago | 0 vote
by Taju201 9m ago | 0 vote
It's not much good it adds a long AD at bottom of every sms
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